7th International Conference on the Work of FRANCES TUSTIN

7th International Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin - Boston
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Welcome to the website of The Seventh International Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin. The Conference brings together a group of outstanding clinicians, researchers and Tustin scholars from around the world. We hope you will join us as we explore, examine and extend the creative, seminal work of Frances Tustin, one of the earliest in our field to apply psychoanalytic thinking to the understanding and treatment of autism. The Conference highlights her ideas and the timely importance of a psychoanalytic understanding to the treatment of autism and autistic states across the diagnostic spectrum and throughout the life cycle. Through a series of Pre-Conference Workshops, Plenary Addresses, Invited Panels and Paper Sessions, participants can deepen their immersion in Tustin's ideas, understand their wide applicability to many clinical situations, and better understand how her ideas intersect with other analytic formulations of primitive mental states and unmentalized areas of the psyche.

The Conference is designed to meet the learning needs of those new to Tustin's ideas and their contemporary development, as well as those colleagues who have been working with her ideas for many years. The Conference should be of interest to anyone working psychoanalytically with children or adults with autism or Asperger's Syndrome, and also to clinician's working with persons who employ "autistic protections" or cling to autosensual experience to avoid meaningful interpersonal contact.

Plenary speakers, panelists, and workshop leaders include Steven Ablon (USA), Vincenzo Bonaminio (Italy), Lawrence Brown (USA), Joshua Durban (Israel), Jeffrey Eaton (USA), Ofra Eshel (Israel), Alexandra Harrison (USA), Didier Houzel (France), Celia Fix Korbivcher (Brazil), Howard Levine (USA), Riccardo Lombardi (Italy), Judith and Theodore Mitrani (USA), Kerim Munir (USA), Bernd Nissen (Germany), Marganit Ofer (Israel), Lia Pistiner de Cortinas (Argentina), Tami Pollack (Israel), Dolan Power (USA), Annie Reiner (USA), Karen Roos (USA), Alina Schellekes (Israel), Beate Schumacher (UK), David Simpson (UK).

In collaboration with The Frances Tustin Memorial Trust, The Boston Group for Psychoanalytic Studies is pleased to bring The Seventh International Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin to Boston. Previous Conferences have been held in Sydney, Tel-Aviv, Venice, Caen, London, and Berlin. It was exactly six decades ago that Frances Tustin worked for a year at The J.J. Putnam Center in Boston with autistic ("atypical") children under the supervision of Beata Rank. We welcome her spirit and her ideas back to Boston and hope you will join us in exploring, examining and extending her work.

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